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I was a just a young kid,
With all the time in this world to waste.
Living out of my car of rust stuck in tar
Those were the days. Those were my days

We were all the wild ones,
i guess we’d always been
The wasted youth of Adult regret
But what else could we have been
What else could we choose
Other than a dream that’s chased
Upon your silver face
Until our tongues were burned of the Heavenly taste
We chased that dream until all other dreams had run
We ended up with nothing left to lose.
Nightmares replaced the sun, darkness filled the void that was light
I was lost, alone from everything, everyone

Isn’t it funny how the time it flies?
Hours to weeks then years fade to gold.
Now I wanna do a drive-by,
Maybe find a feeling in the Desperation,
Truth be sworn, aint sure why
But all i think of is yesterday, i wanna drive to that lie
But i just can’t find the road
Don’t think I’ll ever see that road
That leads all the way back

Back to wonderland,
Where everything it began.
Shit man life was so simple then
Living life like our last weekend
Why did i trade it all for an illusion of what i truly believed was real
Reality of love so guiltlessly given
For the fantasy illusion formed as friend
I Wish I could find my way
Back to what to what i know now
Was wonderland.

Carrie’s in the valley, poverty Alley
She’s got a kid but the same sweet lips
Julie’s still a waitress, waiting for the next kiss
Livin’ on tips from fumbling fingertips
How the Hell did it come to this

Sometimes we get together, faces lined by age and weather
Some stress, some worry
And we try to shoot the shit
But it’s not the same because we all sold all we gained
No, nothin’ is, mouths dry, no rain
Tongues still burned from the taste
Tongues still buried in Life’s cast aways

And it feels like it was some kind of a movie
That plays on now in my mind.
Shadows of a past life, Ghosts living this
Good God give me something I can find
If there’s nothing, please let me hit rewind.

Back to wonderland,
Where it all began.
Everything was so simple then,
Back to wonderland.

Didn’t have a clue,
What we were doing,
Or where we would end up.
Living off of nickels,
And dimes and our,
Young reckless love.

We didn’t ever think,
That time would ever come to an end
Well, people never do think of the aging
If there’s loving at the days end
Now if I could, i swear it i would
You know I’d run faster than the setting sun
Running on
Back to wonderland
Where it all began.
Back in wonderland.

When my baby left me
I found a new place to dwell
It was down at the end of a LONELY street called HEARTBREAK Hotel
i feel so LONELY
i feel so LONELY
i feel
i could

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Neon Sun (Poem) – EDM dance tune both by me


God knows we’re lonely souls,
God Knows we’re lonely souls,
There’s a place, far away
From our lives, that we strive
To get too
Inside the dreams and out of our Hell
And we long, for this thrill
Of sexual exhilaration, sweat on skin
Against lips, burning fire
So we’ll run, through the tides
All our lives, of rejection,
Through oceans so alien that we’ve never seen

God knows I’m lonely
And I’m going to DIe in a place that don’t know my name..
And i want to DIe in a place that can’t know my shame
Of being me

No blame, i won’t tame, won’t play this game of reflection
Were all is reflected but you won’t look at the sins of yourself
Full moon and the pounding drums, held inside this secret jungle
They know the power of this exhilarating drug
Am i dead? Do i wish to be? Have i lived enough or are their still things to see?
As my Hallucinogenic dreams carry me,
Into a Neon Sun
As my Hallucinogenic dreams carry me, Into a Neon sun
In a land, who knows me?
Nobody knows me, nobody knows me
I ask but nobody knows my name
I’m will DIe in a place that don’t want, to know, my name
God knows I’m lonely
Where life is such an evil game.

When my baby left me
I found a new place to dwell
It was down at the end of a LONELY street called HEARTBREAK Hotel
i feel so LONELY
i feel so LONELY
i feel
i could

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Artist, Graphic designer, Thief needed


Needed to either draw, make on a computer or steal from anywhere I don’t really care, a new thingymebob for my SoundCloud, Beatport, Apple Store, Play Store etc.
NOTE – You will probably not be paid, consider this an investment in talent (cough 😯😂😕) that will pay off at a later date with ab big percentage of what’s looking like it’s going to be a massive whole lot of shit squat nothing.
But then again, it might be millions (of pennies from Nigeria) take a chance, find an artist and con them like i did, better yet just play James bond and nick it like i did the time before, i never once regretted it, after I’d served my time in jail for aggravated burglary that is.
Seriously though, i need one, i pay you a lot, i might not, depends how my shares in human excrement are doing that week or if my magic beans grow into that massive tree like the packaging said.
I’m also the guy who put  £30 “Bath Salts” in the bath…
Intelligent? I don’t think so Sir.

When my baby left me
I found a new place to dwell
It was down at the end of a LONELY street called HEARTBREAK Hotel
i feel so LONELY
i feel so LONELY
i feel
i could

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Wedded Bliss, IS A DAMN LIE


NOTE – Forty years old approaching faster than orgasmic teenager on Ecstasy, he see’s a couple of his ex girlfriends on f**kbook and they look HOTTER THAN EVER.
You look at the one your with and she, to be polite, bloody well doesn’t, she looks at you and thinks the same, you argue a lot and have boring well rehearsed sex very, very, rarely.
I’m a bitter, twisted man looking back on his life with all the enthusiasm of a murderer waking to the gas chamber.
“Why didn’t i do that, why did i do that, why didn’t i go there, why did i ever listen to my mainly female family on ” Ideal candidates ” ??
Who the Hell knows, but life’s a bitch and you’ll probably bloody marry one.
I’m not bitter, just honest and sulking.
(I’m happy really lol)

When my baby left me
I found a new place to dwell
It was down at the end of a LONELY street called HEARTBREAK Hotel
i feel so LONELY
i feel so LONELY
i feel
i could

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Poetry for Beginners and Sinners

This darkness cooled my light
We move to different sides
I poured the guilt right over my eyes
As I rose to greet the sky

I’ve never felt this before
See you dead on the floor
I can’t recall a single day
That’s gonna make this pain slip away

My senses have been so cold
Didn’t know how to feel or hold
For a second I felt something in you
For a second I believed in you

And a second was too long for you
A full minute I was killing you
One day i hope that dream comes true
But i did believe in you
For a second..

And I want to know
And I want to be
And I want to feel

We could, my friend
We can
We could, my friend
We can
We should not end
I wanna be part of
Something more

If there’s even the slightest hint of gravity then your smile will eventually die..Life, well that taught me to die, and Love just taught me to Lie, Darling, can you teach me to cry? God? Guess I’ll never know why, it’s so hard to ask,
When everything is a stale empty try.

When my baby left me
I found a new place to dwell
It was down at the end of a LONELY street called HEARTBREAK Hotel
i feel so LONELY
i feel so LONELY
i feel
i could

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A Deep Thought for Sunday

Just a small adventure which tumbles with the click of a finger.
Its all in the head is what they say.
Not that they’re wrong but all events and circumstances cannot just be corrected by controlling the mind.
If something does have to happen, it will.
A person affected by such an event may be stimulated or even might switch off all his systems and end this pretty little game called life.
So what is that makes us do things?
Why does a person socially beaten struggle harder to rise to the top?
Why does a person actually twist things in life to complicate the already complicated whirlwind of a life we have?
Its not just the mind.
The mind or the brain is surely powerful and does make us do what we do, while, at the same time offers us some things we could do, which we probably won’t due to fear of the social consequences involved.
But apart from this, the situation and those certain circumstances, could make you take drastic actions you otherwise wouldn’t think of. And then these are the things which define you.
So it does come back again to the mind making you think but do different things.
So this time it’s the interaction of the mind with the physical, social and mental environment that affects the action to be performed.
But all that you do in life and all those detailed actions performed, in the end How would it really matter?
It’s not that hard to fit yourself in the vast majority of this world which follows a deity that guides them to think of limited thoughts and do controlled actions but not think otherwise. These people or so called believers pass every moment in their lives doing what they’re told to do and die like the same million people died last day itself.
So is there any way to change this pattern? Is there any way to avoid such a monotonous and similar life to the other billion believers?
It would take the mind to be stimulated so.
So again we come back to the point of actions of the mind and its interaction with the surrounding at yet a higher level.
If you do want to live a life that’s not lived like the other 5.9 billion believers , you would have to make changes at the basic level I.e. the start which does again turn out to be the mind.
Tuning the mind in factual proofs rather than just thinking and feeling good about the existence of god is not that easy a task.
When we are conscious and thinking of this matter, we would incorporate the fact clearly in our mind of finding a separate identity.
But at the same time when we get lost in the thought process, it would be harder to apply the same principle when the mind enters that “Meta” phase of thinking.
Humans thus are very vulnerable and need a guide to follow which is what created religion.
But if technology has advanced to such a high level that, data can fly over the planet faster than a click of a finger, then why can’t this mind be given a truthful answer to our origin and existence.
If we do get lost in our thoughts, the one ingredient called the missing link, that attaches these thoughts is what lacks making us such vulnerable creatures.
When we couldn’t find this missing link, we made god to fit in all these links and set boundaries to them such that no one trespasses into the actual facts that we don’t know
Maybe the world which has sent people into space to other planets does know the answer to this simple yet subtle question. But such a piece of information would be so volatile that it would break humanity and the sequential order of everyday human life.
Such a missing piece of the puzzle would have been discovered but then kept a secret which could turn to be the best kept secret so far. Because all other than religion are only theories that are contradicted at every step.
Finding such a missing link also can’t become so tough as it is part of our natural life, origin and belonging.
Humans weren’t meant to live a life in courtrooms and in four cemented walls with a roof for their whole lives. Sure we made life easy but at the cost of losing our own sense of belonging and togetherness?

This is the time we spend on this planet.
The small adventure everyone gets to live which does tumble with the click of a finger called as Life.

When my baby left me
I found a new place to dwell
It was down at the end of a LONELY street called HEARTBREAK Hotel
i feel so LONELY
i feel so LONELY
i feel
i could

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My Super Active Sex Life, last night


Sex life - Mines slowed down so much i went to give a sperm sample, she told Mr to look through the microscope... BLOODY HELL, they'd evolved to look like tadpoles with legs 😮

Absolutely BUGGER ALL happened just like the night before, which strangely enough is a pattern that’s been repeating itself for almost 5 months now.
Guess that’s you get for having an early mid life crisis then getting a girlfriend 12 years younger than you and you’ve got ‘Ohh So Much In Common
She couldn’t even remember a time without mobile phones 😕
I mean, what hope…
Cute ass though, mine, not hers obviously..